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14 Male on male ball busting short stories collection three, two guys get busted in a public toilet.

Two guys get busted in a public toilet part 1 Rack Me Hard's story

Bollock Buster, a hard ball busting top, had chatted with two bustees, on his favourite ball busting contact site. Chatting to them and grooming them for a meet up and a ball busting session. They were, Rack Me Hard and Ball Pain Pig. Rack Me Hard, was the first of the two, to agree to meet Bollock Buster at a remote public toilet, as he had suggested. Bollock Buster had wanted to meet both Rack Me Hard and Ball Pain Pig at the same time, but Ball Pain Pig could not make it to the location until later in the evening, so he had to meet them separately.

Bollock Buster was already waiting in the public toilet for Rack Me Hard, when he arrived. Bollock Buster, started with ball punches targeting the bulge in Rack Me Hard's faded, black jeans. But he kept Rack Me Hard waiting, to heighten his excitement and the tension and it worked. Rack Me Hard was already semi stiff when he entered the public toilet, now getting rock hard, and clearly visible through his black faded jeans. But Bollock Buster deliberately waited even longer until, Rack Me Hard started to relax. This made the first punch doubly effective. Bollock Buster, continued to space out the punches, with delays between them to increase Rack Me Hard's excitement. Bollock Buster, carried on punching, Rack Me Hard, getting him more excited, then pausing to allow him to calm down, before resuming, with more painful ball punching. Bollock Buster, carried on like this, pushing Rack Me Hard, to the point of ejaculation, then pausing, until Rack Me Hard, was hunched over and stooping, legs spread, from the sickening ball pain.

That was when Bollock Buster, switched to kicking Rack Me Hard's balls. The first kick shocked and surprised Rack Me Hard. Bollock Buster, used the same policy with his kicks, as with his punching, pausing between them, to cause maximum effect. For the first few, then switched to rapid kicks without pausing. this dropped, Rack Me Hard to his knees. Bollock Buster, then enjoyed grabbing and squeezing Rack Me Hard's aching balls, again pushing him hard. Then switching to teasing his iron hard cock, that only made him more excited. Bollock Buster, carried on like this, alternating between Rack Me Hard's cock and balls. He then started to punch, Rack Me Hard's balls, pushing him, yet again to the brink of ejaculation. Bollock Buster, paused, as Rack Me Hard, fought desperately not to cum. But another punch, was the straw, dropping Rack Me Hard to his knees, as he ejaculated hard.

Although he made Rack Me Hard cum, Bollock Buster, had not finished with him and continued to kick Rack Me Hard's balls, until Rack Me Hard, agree to suck his cock. Bollock Buster, made Rack Me Hard, suck his cock until he cum and splashed his spunk all over Rack Me Hard's face. Bollock Buster, gave Rack Me Hard's balls, one last punch before telling him the session was over and watched him stumble wearily out of the public toilet.

Two guys get busted in a public toilet part 2 Ball Pain Pig's story

After his exciting session with Rack Me Hard, Bollock Buster, secluded himself in a cubicle until, Ball Pain Pig arrived. Ball Pain Pig, was hard and excited, eager for things to start. When Bollock Buster, told Ball Pain Pig, of the tough session he had given Rack Me Hard, Ball Pain Pig, told him he wanted the same, if not more. Encouraged, Bollock Buster, got to work on the bulge in Ball Pain Pig's, lycra cycle shorts. When Bollock Buster, started to punch Ball Pain Pig's balls, Ball Pain Pig did not moan, protest, or cover his balls. Only after numerous, hard punches, did Ball Pain Pig, let out a gasp of pain. The next punch, made his hard cock twitch excitedly. These were all good signs, to Bollock Buster, that Ball Pain Pig, was enjoying the pain, confirmed even more when, Ball Pain Pig, started to wank his cock. Bollock Buster, continued until Ball Pain Pig, was moaning, after every punch. Moaning and enjoying the pain, while furiously wanking his cock, Ball Pain Pig was rapidly pushed to the edge. Just like he did with Rack Me Hard, Bollock Buster paused, to let Ball Pain Pig, calm down.

After the pause, Bollock Buster, clasped the bulge, of Ball Pain Pig's balls. Bollock Buster, squeezed Ball Pain Pig's balls, making him wince, as they were filled with sickening pain. Bollock Buster, gave Ball Pain Pig's balls, a hard squeeze, before he started punching them again. The repeated punches, were faster and made Ball Pain Pig, sway at the hips. As the hard punches, continued, Ball Pain Pig started to stroke his excited cock again. He was soon stroking it furiously, making Bollock Buster, pause again. When Ball Pain Pig, had calmed down, Bollock Buster, started to kick Ball Pain Pig's balls, much to his surprise and shock. Bollock Buster, made, Ball Pain Pig, wait for the second kick, as he new it would excite him more. The second kick when it came made, Ball Pain Pig hunch over in pain. Ball Pain Pig, straightened up, but hunched over again, after two more hard kicks. More kicks, made Ball Pain Pig's balls suffer. Then Bollock Buster, switched to punching them again. The repeated punches had no effect on Ball Pain Pig, for a while, but as the pain grew, he started to stroke his cock and again and was soon stroking it furiously. Bollock Buster, only paused, when he had Ball Pain Pig, on the brink of ejaculation.

After the pause, Bollock Buster, grabbed and squeezed Ball Pain Pig's, balls again. Then he pulled the front, of Ball Pain Pig's shorts down, exposing his naked cock and balls. Bollock Buster, grabbed and squeezed Ball Pain Pig's, naked balls. Bollock Buster, continued until, Ball Pain Pig, was on the brink of cuming, then paused. Bollock Buster started to punch Ball Pain Pig's balls again, until Ball Pain Pig was in so much pain, he grabbed and cupped his aching balls. Bollock Buster, had to pause again. By now Bollock Buster, was so excited, his cock was bulging in his jeans. Ball Pain Pig, grabbed and squeezed Bollock Buster's cock, making dim gasp. Bollock Buster, returned the favour and they stroked each other off, when Bollock Buster, sensed Ball Pain Pig was close, he stopped and grabbed his balls again. Bollock Buster, squeezed Ball Pain Pig's balls and pushed him back, by them. As Ball Pain Pig stroked his cock, Bollock Buster, started kicking his balls, until Ball Pain Pig, grabbed his cock again and they started stroking each other. Bollock Buster, only stopped when he was close to the brink and Ball Pain Pig, was closer.

Bollock Buster, forced Ball Pain Pig back and began kicking his balls again, until Ball Pain Pig, hunched over and cupped his aching balls again. Bollock Buster, waited until Ball Pain Pig, let go of his balls and started to stroke his cock again. Bollock Buster, then slapped Ball Pain Pig's balls, until he was forced to cup them again. Another pause and then more squeezing and stretching of Ball Pain Pig's balls, followed by more slapping, until he made Ball Pain Pig ejaculate. This dropped Ball Pain Pig to his knees. Ball Pain Pig, told Bollock Buster, that this was the hardest busting session, he had ever hard. Bollock Buster, then reminded Ball Pain Pig, that he said, he wanted it as hard as Rack Me Hard, or even harder. Bollock Buster, true to his word started to stroke Ball Pain Pig's, now highly sensitive, post ejaculation, cock. Bollock Buster, threatened to carry on, until he made Ball Pain Pig cum, knowing every stroke was torture, until Ball Pain Pig, agreed, to let Bollock Buster, amuse himself in another way. Bollock Buster, slapped Ball Pain Pig's balls, until he dropped to his knees. Then he made Ball Pain Pig, suck his cock until he cum and showered Ball Pain Pig's face with his spunk. Elated Bollock Buster, left Ball Pain Pig, kneeling in the public toilet.

Two hard ball busting short stories, with great male on male ball busting action and abuse. €2.00





















15 The hard knocks club part 7 bat and balls and slipper play.


Bat and balls

After his weekend ball busting fun with David Poulter, using a cricket bat and cricket a ball, to abuse David Poulter's balls. Richard Jarvis suggested that the hard knocks club use a cricket bat, in new ball busting game. They would spin a bottle and the one it stopped pointing at, would get hit in the balls with a small cricket bat. The other members of the hard knocks club liked the idea and they tried it out in the dinner break. To make the game tougher, they decided to play in just their gym shorts, with no underpants on.

Terry Daniels was the first to spin the bottle and Richard Jarvis, was the first to get whacked, with the cricket bat. He had to stand legs apart, with his hands held behind him, while Terry Daniels, the spinner, used the cricket bat, to whack his balls. The cricket bat had expected effect, filling Richard Jarvis's balls with sickening pain. The game went on for many more rounds with everyone taking a turns at spinning the bottle. They all ended up get whacked at least once but two of them got whacked three times. This unlucky pair, were made piggies in the middle, for the rest of the afternoon, as a forfeit for getting hit, the most times. That was Richard Jarvis and Mark Jones. they had to fight a two on one, ball whacking and grabbing fight, with two other members of the hard knocks club. Richard Jarvis took on Terry Daniels and David Poulter. Mark Jones took on Thomas Baker and Gary Richards. They both suffered much more abuse and trauma to their balls.

Slipper play

After the success of their new and painful game, bat and balls. The hard knocks club after a lot of debate, came up with another new and equally painful, new game, called slipper play. The loser would again be decided by spinning the bottle. The game was played in their vest and underpants. The loser who had to remove his underpants, would then be bent and stretched over an old wooden gym horse, two members of the hard knock club would keep their legs stretched tight, while the loser gripped the bottom of the either side of the legs of the horse. The bottle spinner could then give the loser two whacks of the plimsoll, on his naked buttocks. then the other four, would take turns giving the loser one whack each to his naked buttocks. So the loser took six whacks in all.

The loser was then turned over and stretched tight over the horse, by four members of the hard knocks club. The bottle spinner could then give the loser two whacks to his naked balls with the plimsoll. Again the other four, would take turns giving the loser one whack each, to his naked balls, so the loser took six whacks to, his naked balls. David Poulter was the first to spin the bottle this time and this time Mark Jones, was the first loser. He took two hard whacks to his arse from David Poulter, and then one more each from the other four members. He was turned over and took two hard whacks to his balls from David Poulter, and then one more each from the other four members. This turned out to be an even more painful and traumatic game for their balls, than the cricket bat game, had been.

They played several times with all of them beside David Poulter, lost at least once. Mark Jones was unluckily a loser twice and suffered a double dose of buttocks and ball whacking. The game was that painful and traumatic, that it made two members ejaculate, or cream, as the members of the hard knocks club, liked to call it. They were Thomas Baker and Mark Jones, who was creamed by his last whack of his second dose, of six whacks to his balls.

Even more heavy ball busting and cbt action. More painful erotic and horny male on male ball busting action, males punishing each others balls and loving it. 3.00























16 How he got to enjoy hard ball pain. Ray got into painful ball play, grabbing and whacking, other boy's balls and having his own balls, grabbed and whacked, at senior school. When he left he thought he'd left all his ball busting days behind him. Because he went to boys school, not the local high school, he left his ball busting friends behind. Salvation came with a younger neighbour, called Justin. They both liked the wrestling on TV and then acted out. His chance came when they were talking about one wrestler, using low blows and dirty tactics, to win. Then he made the fateful decision, to suggest that they use low blows and dirty tactics in their wrestling. To his surprise Justin agreed and they started to use low blows and dirty tactics, in their wrestling. Justin turned out be so good at them, that he went from losing almost every wrestling match, to winning everyone. Their wrestling progressed to ball busting fights, with punches and grabs, then to slipper fights. Justin excelled at all of them, beating Ray and punishing his balls. Justin grew more sadistic and found increasing ways to make Ray fight in only his underpants, loving the way it left Ray's balls helplessly exposed. Sometimes he even made Ray fight with hands tied behind his back and once blind fold as well.

Then one day Justin involved a friend from school, Frank. Frank fitted in extremely well and took to ball busting very quickly. It turned out, he use to do some with his older brother Harry. In their first session Ray took on Frank first., the decide to start with wrestling and ball busting. Frank turned out to be almost as good as Justin and made Ray's balls suffer. Then things changed for Ray, forever. While Frank was struggling to pin Ray, Justin punched Ray in the balls, That made Ray collapse and he was pinned and smothered by Frank. Ray had never liked, hard punches in the balls, but smothered, he was unable, to object. As Ray never objected, Justin carried on punching Ray's balls. However, this time, the heavy ball pain, produced by the punches, excited Ray and he started to like it. From then on Ray enjoyed more, heavier ball pain.

Justin and Frank enjoyed ganging up on Ray and making his balls suffer, using all the tactics, Justin had introduced in, his previous fights with Ray. They really made sure Ray's balls suffered so much, that they made him cum, some times more than once. After beating and draining Ray, they would fight each other. They were, as merciless with their own balls, as with Ray's. Both of them suffered painful defeats at the other hands. Ray's sessions with Justin and Frank, stopped when he started work, but those double sessions, had hooked Ray on enjoying heavy ball pain, for the rest of his life. more heavy ball busting and cbt action. More painful erotic and horny male on male ball busting action, males punishing each others balls and loving it. 3.00  




















17 The hard knocks club part 8 foreign balls and pen pal busters, Bakers saga part 1, Baker in Germany. The misadventures of Thomas Baker, a member of the hard knocks clubs in Germany, when he went to stay with his pen pal Kurt. Thomas had told Kurt all about his ball busting and knacker fighting activities, with the other members of the hard knocks club. Kurt was curious and eager to try some ball busting and knacker fighting. Thomas thought how hot and athletic Kurt looked just in his briefs. So Thomas demonstrated some ball squeezing, knackering, ball slapping, and ball punching, on Kurt and then let Kurt practice the same on his own balls. Thomas was surprised how much ball pain Kurt, as a novice could take and how good at inflicting ball pain, he was. Kurt found abusing Thomas's, another boys cock and balls, very exciting and was hooked. They had their first ball busting and knacker fight, the next evening and Thomas more experienced, easily beat Kurt, but it was painful victory for Thomas.

That was when Kurt let Thomas in on a secret he and two other boys had a wrestling club between them. They wrestled in an old abandoned air raid shelter, in a secluded part of the grounds, at Kurt's school. Kurt showed Thomas his school and the air raid shelter. They had another knacker fight which Thomas won again, but not quiet as easily, another painful victory. At school Thomas Kurt's his two class mates and wrestling friends Meyer and Rolf. Rolf was handsome and athletic like Kurt. Meyer was huge, over weight, but a very good wrestler, the champion of their small club. He modeled himself on the big Daddy was almost impossible to beat, which made him very arrogant. Kurt confessed he's told Thomas about their wrestling and challenged Meyer to match after school. Thomas found the wrestling exciting to watch, as Meyer and Kurt, wrestled in the their underpants. Meyer made short work of Kurt easily beating and abusing him. Once he got two submissions, or uncles, as they liked to use in Germany. Meyer stripped Kurt naked and made him cum, a penalty for losing. Later that evening Thomas and Kurt had another knacker fight which Thomas won, but it was much harder for him to beat Kurt.

The next day after school Meyer and Rolf wrestled inthe old shelter. It was Rolf's turn to be beaten and abused by Meyer, suffering a similar fate to Kurt. That was followed by more knacker fighting and ball busting and knackering practice. Then it was Thomas's turn to wrestle Meyer in the shelter. Kurt had suggested that Thomas use knacker fighting techniques against Meyer, to try and beat him. At first it worked and Thomas was easily beating Meyer, but a lucky blow from Meyer gave him the upper hand and he punished and abused Thomas into defeat, to be stripped and milked like, Kurt and Rolf. That evening Kurt and Thomas had another knacker fight, a long and hard one, that Kurt eventually won, using a combination of wrestling and knacker fighting tactics. After Thomas's final painful submission, Kurt did not release him, until Thomas agreed, to be Kurt's naked wrestling and knacker boy.

Encouraged by his win over Thomas and the success of the new tactics, Kurt challenged Meyer to another match after school. Using his successful combination of wrestling and knacker fighting tactics, Kurt was able to beat Meyer although it was a very close run thing. It was Meyer's turn to be stripped naked and milked dry, as the loser. That evening Kurt used Thomas, as his knacker fighting and wrestling boy, practicing the combination on him. Thomas had to endure more of the same, on his last night with Kurt. The first part of the story ends, where it began, with Thomas waiting for Kurt, to arrive in England, for a week with Thomas and the other members of the hard knocks club.

More heavy ball busting and cbt action, also wrestling action. More painful erotic and horny male on male ball busting action, males punishing each others balls and each others bodies, with wrestling and loving it. 3.00




















18 Your balls are mine big bro. Teenage brothers James and Robert, James 18 and Robert 11. James was an apprentice electrician and Robert was in his first year, at senior school. James had an accident at work, that broke both his arms and left, both of them in plaster up to his elbows, only with the ends of his fingers and thumbs, exposed. This left James unable to do anything for himself. This meant that Robert had to do everything for him and became his full time helper. Robert quickly got fed up with dressing James every day and would only put on James boxer briefs, after that. Robert liked to tease James cock and balls with the hot shower water, getting them both red and his cock hard. After a few weeks, that was how Robert noticed James had an erection nearly all the time. He grew irritable and was sweating most of the time, even thought her only wore, his boxer briefs. In the end James told Robert he was desperate to cum and wanted Robert to make him cum. Robert refused. Robert had discovered ball busting at school, he seen older boys, doing it to each other and he liked seeing one boys balls hurt by another. He even tried some, on other younger and older boys and found it he really enjoyed it. He also discovered that older boys balls, were bigger, softer and more vulnerbale, than boys, his own age. So when James, asked him to make him cum, he refused, but only so he could make James agree, to let him hurt his balls, in exchange, for making him cum.

When Robert told James what it would cost him, if he wanted Robert to make him cum. He was horrified and would not agree. But, as he got more and more desperate, he eventually agreed. Robert had to start off lightly at first, always sure he could slowly increase, James suffering. It started with one punch and one grab and squeeze, which James hated. It had taken several minutes for James to cum, so Robert said, he wanted more the next time. So next time Robert demanded one whack and grab for every minute, it took to make James cum. It took James a while to agree, but when he did, Robert made sure it took, six minutes, to make James cum. That allowed Robert, to punch James balls, six times and grab and squeeze them, six times. Robert was delighted with the domination and power, it gave him, over James. Robert slowly upped the anti every time, he had to make James cum, so he made James balls, suffer more, each time. He became very efficient at abusing James balls and could not wait, to get back to school, to test his new skills on, other older boys. As things progressed, Robert found he could abuse James hard cock and make him suffer, even more, even continuing to wank it, after James had cum, turned out to be painful for James. He also discovered by doing this, to James cock, would make him cum again, but not the normal fierce ejaculation where the spunk spurted out, it just dribbled out slowly. That left James not only exhausted not frustrated.

This allowed Robert to demand more and more intense abuse of James cock and balls. It got to the point that James, even agreed that Robert, could abuse his cock and balls, anytime he wanted to, as long, as he made him cum, afterwards. This allowed Robert to try all different ways to abuse James cock and balls, until he was good at kicking, kneeing, as well as punching and squeezing. He also convinced James, to let him use a slipper, on his cock and balls. This painful price for being made to cum, changed Robert as well. At first he hated the pain, but slowly and surely, he got to like it. So much so that when the plaster casts were removed, from his arms, and he could wank himself again, he found to his horror, he could not cum. He took him a while to realise, then longer, to finally admit to himself, that he now associated cuming, with ball pain. But he could not hurt his balls enough, to make himself cum, he had to ask Robert, to hurt his balls again. Robert was back at school by then and enjoying abusing, older boys balls. Robert agreed knowing he now had control of his brothers cock and balls, for as long as he liked. More painful erotic and horny male on male ball busting action, with the younger brother, abusing his older brothers cock and balls. 3.00


















19 Black mailed wrestling boy. A group of younger boys, turn the tables on their older leader, when they discovered a dark secret, from his past and black mailed him, into being their wrestling fall guy, to use and abuse as they saw fit. Previously Alfie as their leader, had decided, which one of them would be the fall guy, who then got abused. He made sure they were all the fall guy at one time or another, so they would all suffer. So when the tables were turned, none of them had any mercy for Alfie and took great delight in abusing and humiliating him. He'd always encouraged them, to abuse the fall guys balls. So Alfie's cock and balls were the centre of attention for their abuse.

An old school friend of Alfie's told one of the older boys, David about how they use to abuse Alfie at school, particularly, his cock and balls and how much he liked it. He said Alfie use to get hard and cum. They made his suck their cocks and they use to fuck his arse with various objects, their favourite being the handle of a yellow screw driver. His friend Chris showed a photo of them stripping Alfie in the changing rooms at school and let him keep it. So that evening before Alfie came to join them, where they always met for wrestling and other things. David told the others, Robert, John, Mark, Sean and Billy about what Chris had told them about Alfie and showed them the photo of him being stripped. They then hatched a plot to make Alfie think they had more photos of him ones of his sucking cock and being fucked with a screw driver handle. Alfie was shocked when they told him what they knew and showed him the photo and said they had even better ones, that they would show everyone. Alfie was devastated and believed them and agreed to be the fall guy from then on.

The six boys took great delight in abusing Alfie particularly his cock and balls. They loved getting him hard and making him cum. Also raping his bum with ever larger objects. They enjoyed abusing Alfie at their special place, at other boys homes, in the swimming pool. They even got David's younger cousin Gary, to abuse Alfie, in revenge for they way Alfie had Gary abused, a couple of times. The six younger boy made Alfie suffer long and hard, always coming up with new ways to abuse and humiliate him. More painful erotic and horny male on male ball busting action, with the younger boys, physically and sexually, abusing an older boy, once their leader. €5.00